West Bertram Volunteer Fire District
Our present building is nothing to brag about...

Our current building is a 24' by 32' garage that just barely holds two of our three vehicles.  (So, you ask "Where do we keep the other one?"  We have to keep it in a separate location up Mt. Vernon Road - a situation that is not desirable from an operating standpoint.)  The present building is located on a sliver of land between the old Lincoln Highway and Mt. Vernon Road at the intersection of Wilder Drive SE.

The building is too small to hold our equipment.  It has no running water, no restrooms, no meeting space nor office!  (How have we been getting by all this time?  We run into town to use a restroom.  We fill the trucks from a fire hydrant.  We pull the trucks out of the building and have a meeting inside - an obvious challenge in the winter given that equipment can freeze up in a very short time.  We hold training classes in other locations such as area church or office buildings.)

The present wood-frame building was constructed at a time when we had only one vehicle.  It has served us well; however, our needs have changed in the years since it was built. 

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